Мы познакомились с ребятами Донбасса

Илья провёл научное шоу  и развеселил детей

Набор детей в 1 класс 2022-2023 уч.года

Учитесь в Ярославле, зачислены в школу Москвы.

Мы гарантируем результат обучения без домашних заданий, без тяжелых портфелей, без переполненных классов! Вечерами вы просто будете наслаждаться общением с ребёнком, все задачи образования и воспитания мы возьмём на себя.

Полный день. Трёхразовое питание. Удобная транспортная доступность. 


The first series of LAB-SHOW is already in the STSkids program! See how interesting SCIENCE is !

The guys continue filming the Lab-SHOW! January premiere!

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🤩🥳 Presenting certificates of completion of the first (elementary) Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics course to our students.

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Guys, I'm starting classes online! Now you can join my lab from anywhere where there is Internet: from a big city, or from a small village, or even from another country! The schedule is already on the site: naukadeti.com, in the online recording section, choose what you are interested in. The first lesson is already on November 14 at 18.00. I'll show you how to use chemical reactions to make a tin tree and a tin hedgehog! And for the little ones, the new course "Modeling from plasticine". This is not only useful and exciting, but also helps prepare kids for the basics of 3D modeling! All classes in ZOOM, the link will be sent to you after registration. See you soon. Ilya Rayevsky.


All-Russian competition "Big Change"

platform "Russia - the land of opportunities"



At the age of 13, Ilya Raevsky graduated from basic school with excellent marks! Congratulations!

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Today is a wonderful day!Иль Ilya presented a prize-a Huawei tablet to the winner of the "name for a robot" contest, Ksenia Vorobyova. Now our robot is called RON (special purpose robot). 🥳 The award ceremony was attended by guests from China who came to our city under the school exchange program. Congratulations To Ksenia!🤗

All the holidays Ilya held a contest FOR the name of the first Promobot service robot in the Yaroslavl region! Ilya promised to personally present the tablet TO the winner! THE WINNER IS CHOSEN! STAY TUNED! ILYA WILL ANNOUNCE HIS NAME ON JANUARY 14, 2020! AND WE WILL ALL KNOW THE NAME OF THE ROBOT OF THE CHILDREN'S SCIENCE CENTER "PRODIGY"

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70 years of Chinese-Russian friendship!

From June 5-7, 2019, the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping, met in Moscow. The negotiations were very fruitful and friendly. At the same time, Yaroslavl schoolboy Ilya Raevsky was in China, studied at the Changchun school of foreign languages, visited the House of science and technology in order to unite the Children's scientific movement of Russia and China, and received a certificate from the Chinese side "Young messenger of peace" between China and Russia!

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Children's talent show " Best of all" On June 16, 2019, Maxim Galkin and Ilya Raevsky conduct chemical experiments on the First channel!



Bilingual LEGO zone!

Bilingual LEGO zone in the Children's science center! The animator plays with the child, communicating in English!!! Come and try it! We are sure that children will be delighted!!! (3+)

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Yaroslavl school child Prodigy Ilya Rayevsky won the prestigious international competition of business projects My first business. The competition was held with the support of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of higher education and science of the Russian Federation, Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov, a non-profit organization, Russia is the land of opportunity, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation, the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Joint-stock company Federal Corporation for development of small and medium-sized businesses. In total, 600 thousand schoolchildren from 53 countries took part in it. They competed for the victory in five categories - "Innovation", "Do it yourself", "Your video blog", "Internet sales" and "Team business project". In each of the categories, 10 winners were determined, and Ilya became one of them.

Our Children's science center now has its own Tesla-show!!!

Lightning 60 cm dance to the music, Ilya catches them in his hand, and the lamps light up by themselves without wires!!! Tickets and gift certificates are already on sale!!!

Give children a holiday!!!


For the first time!!! Our Children's science center was visited by Chinese schoolchildren! A tour for them was conducted by a Yaroslavl schoolboy Ilya Raevsky

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Our Children's science center now has a LASER CNC machine!!!

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Our experts will help you make your 3d model and print it on a 3d printer!!! Unique memory!!!

An unusual exclusive gift!!!


New course of the Children's science center –

"Trainer for the brain!»

The difference between a genius and an incompetent is the number and variety of synapses – connections between nerve cells in the brain (neurons). The more connections, the more developed our brain is.
Science has proven that a person is able to create new synapses and strengthen them all his life. This plasticity of the brain is the basis of learning, memory, attention and thinking, that is, the process of creating neural connections in the brain. If you do not train and develop your cognitive abilities, then these connections are lost, and the overall condition of the brain deteriorates.
Any skill creates or strengthens multiple neural connections between synapses in the brain. This also applies to computer simulators. When developing your mental and creative abilities with the help of cognitive simulators, it is important to follow the technology: a special order, variety and increasing degree of complexity. This will allow the brain on the one hand not to get bored, and on the other – not to develop one-sided.
We offer cognitive computer simulators to improve brain performance and develop cognitive functions: attention, memory, and thinking. The simulators are based on Russian and foreign methods of training cognitive processes, scientific knowledge about the structure of perception, attention, memory, and thinking. Diagnostic tools are used: Schulte Tables, Stroop Effect, Corsi test, etc. the process of brain development should be interesting and effective!
To achieve a rapid developmental effect, the intelligent system generates an individual development program for each lesson. It is built on the basis of data on the level of development of attention, memory, thinking, obtained after passing the introductory and subsequent tests.

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