About us:


The history of our center began with a direct line with President Vladimir Putin, when our son Ilya, asked his question to the President of Russia on 14.04.2016. 

"I am a child Prodigy, at 8 years old I study in the 5th grade, and I take chemistry lessons with students of the 8th grade. I speak English and create robots. Why don't people like me go to the Sirius or Artek camps because they're too young? After all, when the age comes, it will not be interesting, "- Ilya addressed Vladimir Putin, asking to take this into account in the program "Gifted children".

Mr Putin acknowledged that the programme does have shortcomings. "This is an omission, and it shows that those who organized this program were not geeks. We will fix it, " Vladimir Putin promised.

We decided to create our own research center for children, gathering all the accumulated experience during the upbringing and training of Ilya and bringing together all the familiar specialists, scientists and teachers.

The decision was made on the evening of 22.10.2016 to make a children's center, where every gifted child will feel like a real scientist working on his project,not a stranger on the tour. Where every child can learn complex equipment and manage it with ease. Therefore, we decided to build the training using the method of international production laboratories FABLAB.

"Fab lab" is a unique laboratory and technical creativity. But the tools of the "classic workshop" are replaced with the most advanced and technologically advanced equipment.

FABLAB is a product of the digital revolution: digital photography and digital music are followed by digital production. Controlled by computer programs, "smart" machines process a variety of materials, removing all unnecessary or Vice versa, adding new elements, giving them the necessary shape-so there are flat and voluminous parts: levers, flywheels, gears, and even electronic boards.... Man only needs to put together all the details…

We will teach children to create the future using the most modern technologies!!!

Ilya took an active part in the creation of the Children's science center!

He moved his chemical laboratory, telescope, 3dprinter, VR system and robots to the center, gave all his savings and the Governor's scholarship for development! He, along with his older sister, created the design and convenience of laboratories. We did not receive subsidies and grants, but believing that our children have the future - we opened this Children's Science center!

Ilya realized his dream, he himself after school conducts classes on Lego Education Wedo 2.0 with kids 5-8 years old, conducts chemical science shows and shows children how interesting science is!

We are located: Yaroslavl region, opposite the Yaroslavl zoo, give us a call: +7 (915) 980-33-55; +7 (980) 708-38-16